How did the ancient romans count on their fingers reddit?

The ancient Romans had a unique way of counting on their fingers. Each finger represented a different number. The thumb represented one, the index finger represented two, the middle finger represented three, the ring finger represented four, and the little finger represented five. To count higher, they would start at the thumb and move to the next finger. For example, to count to eight, they would start with the thumb and count to the middle finger (one, two, three), then to the ring finger (four, five, six), and finally to the little finger (seven, eight).

There’s no one answer to this question since there’s no one way that the ancient Romans counted on their fingers. Some might have used their thumbs to keep track of numbers, while others might have used their pinkies. Still others might have come up with more creative ways to count, like using different parts of their hands or fingers to represent different numbers.

How did the Romans count on their fingers?

This is an interesting way of representing numbers. It’s a shame that we don’t use this method anymore, as it would be a great way to help young children learn to count.

This system of counting is called finger counting or finger math. It was used by many ancient cultures including the Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans. This system is still used today by some cultures.

How did the Babylonians count on their fingers

We traditionally count on our fingers by starting with our thumb on our left hand and counting to our pinky on our right hand. So our thumb would be 1, our index finger would be 2, our middle finger would be 3, our ring finger would be 4, and our pinky would be 5.

There is no one correct way to count on your fingers. While in the US, they start counting with the index finger, ending with the thumb, in parts of the Middle East like Iran, they begin with the pinky, whereas in Japan they start with the fingers extended in an open palm, drawing them in to make a closed fist. Different cultures have different ways of doing things, and that’s what makes them interesting and unique. So, don’t be afraid to try something new – you might just find that you like it!

How do Germans count fingers?

The “thumb” system is a common way of representing numbers using your hands. In this system, the thumb represents the number 1, the thumb plus the index finger represents the number 2, and so on up to the thumb plus the index, middle, ring, and little fingers, which represents the number 5. This system is used in many countries, including Germany and France.

This is the most common way to count on your fingers. Before counting, all fingers are closed. To start, extend your thumb as the first number, then your index finger as the second number, and so on until all fingers are extended for the fifth number. You can continue counting by folding your fingers in the same sequence, from thumb to little finger, for numbers six and higher.

How do Germans count?

In some countries, one starts counting with the thumb (=1), adding one finger at each number up to five. This is the case in Germany, France, Italy, etc.

The thumb representing the number 5 and the fingers on the left hand represent the tens is a way to help remember the order of the numbers in a given number. For example, if someone was trying to remember the number 58, they could hold up their left hand and put the thumb down to remind themselves that the number 5 is in the “ones” place and that the number 8 is in the “tens” place.

How did the Babylonians count to 60

The base 12 system likely originated from ancient peoples using the toes on one foot to count. Multiplying these two bases together resulted in a base 60 system, which both groups could understand. This system is still used today in many cultures for timekeeping.

The Sumerians were one of the earliest known civilizations, and they are credited with inventing the duodecimal (base 12) system of measurement. This system was later adopted by the Egyptians, who divided the day and night into 24 parts using their finger-joints to count. About 3500 years ago, the Egyptian civilization became the dominant civilization in the region and their system of measurement was adopted by many other cultures.

How do Koreans count on their hands?

To indicate the number “six”, the little finger of the left hand is used, similarly to how the thumb of the right hand indicates “five”. For “seven”, the ring finger of the left hand is pressed down, and for “eight” the middle finger of the left hand is used. Finally, the index finger of the left hand is used to indicate “nine”.

The ancient Mayans used a vigesimal (base 20) number system, while the Babylonians used a sexagesimal (base 60) number system. The Egyptians used a duo-decimal (base 12) number system. Each of these number systems has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Mayan system is more efficient for large numbers, while the Babylonian system is more accurate for small numbers. The Egyptian system is a compromise between the two, and is used for most everyday purposes.

What is the oldest form of counting

The Babylonian number system was the first in the world. It used a series of cuneiform marks to denote a digit. This base-60 concept developed by the Babylonians was later used by the Egyptians and is still in use today with the division of time into 60-second minutes and 60-minute hours.

Gestures and body language are important to understand when communicating with people from other cultures. For example, a German would show the number three by holding up their index and middle fingers alongside their thumb. If you didn’t know this gesture, you might miscommunicate with the German speaker. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the nuances of gestures and body language when communicating with people from other cultures.

Is a thumb a finger yes or no?

A thumb is a digit, but not technically a finger. Many people don’t make the distinction between thumbs and other digits, but there is a difference. Thumbs are shorter and stockier than fingers, and they have their own muscle group. Thumbs are also opposable, meaning they can touch the other fingers on the same hand.

The French start counting with their thumb for one. For two, they hold up the thumb and index finger. For three, they hold up the thumb, index finger and middle finger. For four, they hold up the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and pinkie.

Why do the British use two fingers

British archers were so effective and feared by their enemy that when the French captured an archer, they chopped off the two fingers he needed to draw a bow-string. Bowmen who had not been thus disfigured took to holding up two fingers to taunt their cowardly foes.

The act of showing middle finger to other road users is a criminal offence in Germany. This is because it is considered a form of assault. If you are caught doing this, you may be fined or even jailed. So, be careful when travelling in Germany and make sure to keep your hands to yourself!


The Ancient Romans used a method of finger counting called the “Chaldean system”. This system is still used by some people today. Each finger represented a certain number, starting with the thumb as 1, the index finger as 5, the middle finger as 10, the ring finger as 50, and the pinky as 100.

There is no conclusive answer to this question. Some experts believe that the ancient Romans may have used a counting system similar to the one used by the Ancient Greeks, which was based on the number 5. Others believe that the Ancient Romans may have simply used their fingers to count, as this would have been the most intuitive way to do so.

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