Which Was The Best In Ancient Rome Army Or Navy

The debate on whether the Roman army or navy was the best has been happening for centuries. While the Roman army was highly praised for its military achievements, the Roman navy was also highly praised for its role in the spread of Roman culture. Both the navy and the army had a significant role in the success of the Roman Empire, and it is extremely difficult to determine which one was the best.

The Roman army was an organized and disciplined force that was capable of fighting and conquering any enemy. It was divided into two main parts: the infantry and the cavalry. The infantry was the main fighting force and was composed of some of the best swordsmen, spearmen, and heavy infantry in the ancient world. The cavalry was composed of lighter units that were expected to be more agile and faster in battle. The Roman army was incredibly well-trained and was capable of marching for many days without resting.

The Roman navy, on the other hand, was a formidable force that was responsible for protecting the Roman coasts from enemy attack. It was also used to transport troops and supplies to the different parts of the empire. The Roman navy was composed of a fleet of warships, cargo ships, and smaller vessels for reconnaissance and raiding other nations’ waters. The Roman navy was also known for its skill in naval battles and ramming ships.

At the core of the Roman army was a sense of patriotism and loyalty towards the Roman Empire, while the Roman navy was more focused on exploration and conquest. The Roman navy was also more prominent in the spread of the Roman culture. It was responsible for the spread of Roman religion, law, and language to the far reaches of the empire.

In regards to which was the best, it is hard to draw a definitive conclusion. Both the Roman army and navy had their own strengths and shortcomings, and both played an important role in the success of the Roman Empire. However, when it comes to naval capabilities, it is clear that the Roman navy was undoubtedly the best in the world during its time.

Role of Military Technology

It is important to understand the role of military technology in determining the best of the Roman army or navy. During Ancient Rome, the power of the Roman army and navy was mainly derived from their military technology. The Roman army was equipped with devastating weapons like catapults and battering rams which could quickly break down even the strongest fortifications. The Roman navy was equipped with ships that were capable of ramming other ships and cannons which could fire accurately even in rough seas. The Roman army and navy were able to defeat their enemies mainly because of their superior military technology.

Influence of the Weather

The influence of weather on the Roman army and navy also has to be taken into account. Due to their geographical location, the Romans were highly susceptible to storms and floods, which could significantly damage their ships. This meant that the Roman navy was far less effective in rough seas. In addition, dust storms could limit the mobility of the Roman army and make it more difficult for them to reach their destination.

Tactical Knowledge

Tactical knowledge and experience was also extremely important for the Roman army or navy to be successful. The Roman army was led by experienced and capable generals such as Julius Caesar who was able to lead his troops to victory against superior forces. The Roman navy also relied on their experienced and capable commanders to make important tactical decisions at the right moments. Without their tactical knowledge, the Romans would have struggled to defeat their enemies.


The debate on which was the best, the Roman army or navy, is an extremely difficult one to answer. Both forces had their own strengths and weaknesses, and both played an important role in the success of the Roman Empire. It is impossible to definitively answer which was the best, as it ultimately depends on the specific situation. However, when it comes to naval capabilities, it is clear that the Roman navy was undoubtedly the best in the world during its time.

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